Even Better News: Forty, Instagram and Xperia Z

Hello everyone!

So recently I got a new phone which is *drum roll* Sony Ericsson Xperia Z!! jap16

It’s AWESOME! Takes great pics, wide screen, waterproof, super sleek! Take a look:

Xperia Z

aaaaaaaaaaah :3

Anyway, now I’m planning to surprise a dear friend with one… for FREE! I found a local competition where all you have to do is take a picture underwater, post it on Instagram and get as many likes as possible! And the prize?


Wish me luck!

Also!! You all know that I celebrated for having 20 followers, right? (If not, you can read it somewhere in my blog) The thing is, Now I have FORTY!!! Twice as many! jap16

Thank you everyone! :3
Have a nice day!

Good News!


Made a photoblog today! Hope you all have time to drop by: eccoqua.tumblr.com, and if any of you readers happen to have a tumblr account, let me know! Then we can keep in touch there too! No words, just photos c:

Even more good news! I recently reached 20 followers, yaaaaay desismileys_2820
I don’t update my blog that often but somehow I managed to get 20 followers. TWENTY! Thanks, thanks <3

Lastly, I don't think I've formally introduced you all to my PET! His name's Nemo.
2013-03-11 09.17.26-2

Hee :’3 How’s everyone?